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Man Goes on Shooting Rampage in Georgia Town Where Guns are Mandatory

This morning a Fed-Ex employee armed with a shotgun and looking "like he was heading into war" injured six people, two critically, at the Fed-Ex facility in Kennesaw, Georgia. If the name Kennesaw, Georgia sounds familiar, here's why...
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Early this morning, a Fed-Ex employee armed with a shotgun opened fire at the Fed-Ex processing facility in Kennesaw, Georgia. Six people were wounded, two critically, before the gunman finally killed himself. Witnesses to the shooting say the guy with the gun was dressed in the ubiquitous active-shooter uniform of black and camo and had bandoliers pulled tight across his chest. They say he looked "like Rambo," "like he was heading into war."

If the name "Kennesaw, Georgia" sounds familiar to you, it's probably because the town has been a cause célèbre among gun rights and gun safety advocates for the past 32 years -- ever since it passed a law in 1982 that made gun ownership mandatory. The law requiring at least one firearm in every home was first proposed in an effort to "protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants."

Proponents of the law, which many residents claim isn't actually enforced since that would, ironically, require a violation of civil liberties, say that after its passage the crime rate in Kennesaw immediately dropped 89% and has remained low ever since. It's worth noting that crime in Kennesaw wasn't much of a problem before the controversial gun law was drafted and ratified, but its backers still cite the thing like it made life better for everyone.

But if does raise the question of where all those good guys with guns were when a bad guy with a gun -- who, it should be mentioned, was himself just another good guy with a gun in Kennesaw up until six this morning -- decided to stalk the warehouse of his workplace trying to blow people away. If the law is followed, there would be guns everywhere in Kennesaw allowing people to fight back when one of their fellow citizens who's also armed loses his freaking mind.

Maybe the law will have to be tightened after this or maybe they'll just have to draft a new law making it mandatory to have your gun on your person at all times, just in case. Because as you know, more guns are always the answer. God bless America.