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A Look Back at Michelle Malkin's History of Hate and Bigotry

To catch you up on someone Matt Taiibi once called "a mean little dunce who’s wedged herself into a nicely paying career as a GOP spokesclown" here are some of Michelle Malkin's greatest hits:
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For those of you who have fortunately gone your whole lives without knowing about Michelle Malkin until her rage-inducing "eulogy" for Barack Obama's aunt (see "Translating Michelle Malkin’s Hate Filled, Racist Eulogy of Obama’s Aunt" by our own Ben Cohen for a solid recap of that one), you're missing out on a lifelong resume chocked full of some of the most bigoted small-mindedness you're going to find coming from someone so small-bodied.

To catch you up on someone Matt Taiibi once called "a mean little dunce who’s wedged herself into a nicely paying career as a GOP spokesclown" here are some of her greatest worst hits:

She Wrote A Book Calling For Arab- and Muslim-American Internment

In 2004, she wrote a book called In Defense of Internment: The Case for 'Racial Profiling' in World War II and the War on Terror, which argues that the US government should create internment camps for Arab- and Muslim-Americans and is just as racist as it sounds. A few newspapers dropper her column as a response, with the the Virginian Pilot calling her "an Asian Ann Coulter," something Malkin said is "a compliment." In fact, Stephen Colbert even referenced this book when defending himself after the Suey Park scandal: “I learned everything I know about sensitivity to the Asian American experience from reading Michelle’s 2004 book ‘In Defense of Internment’,” Colbert explained. “It turns out they had it coming.”

She Once Said "Boo-Freakin'-Hoo" in Response to Three Guantanomo Bay Detainee Suicides

Yep. On the O'Reilly Factor she once dropped that lovely condolence, surprising even Papa Bear Bill:

MALKIN: And really, the reaction to the suicides should be, “Boo-freakin-hoo.”
O’REILLY: Well, I don’t know about that. I don’t want anybody, you know, killing themselves, but I do believe it was a political statement. Anyway —

She Started a #MyRightWingBiracialFamily Hashtag

You know that Cheerios ad that everyone made such a big deal over a while back that you can't even remember the details about now? Well Ms. Malkin saw this as a chance to get the hashtag #MyRightWingBiracialFamily trending on Twitter, presumably to show off the kids that are going to spend most of their lives questioning their personal identity.

She Posted A Group of College Protestors' Personal Information On The Interweb Then Lied About It

In April of 2006, a campus group at UC Santa Cruz called Students Against War staged a protest against the presence of military recruiters on campus. They sent out a press release to reporters and attached their contact information in case, you know, the journalists wanted to contact them. Malkin instead posted this information to her website in a column called "Seditious Santa Cruz vs. America." Malkin claimed the contact information was originally taken from SAW's own website, but that later SAW had removed it and had "wiped" the "cached version".[49] The students asked Malkin to remove the contact details from her blog, but Malkin reposted them several times writing in her blog: "I am leaving it up. If you are contacting them, I do not condone death threats or foul language*. As for SAW, my message is this: You are responsible for your individual actions. Other individuals are responsible for theirs. Grow up and take responsibility."

*A quick happy ending though: In response to this, Malkin claimed that she received hostile e-mails, then her private home address, phone number, photos of her neighborhood and maps to her house were published on several websites. The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported receiving an email from Malkin saying that this forced her to remove one of her children from school and move her family.

She Once Called Harry Reid One Of The Most Racist People On The Planet 

The Blaze heralded her going after "passive aggressive punk" Harry Reid by saying, “I can tell you from my own personal experience, after 20 years-plus in public life, that progressives of power and passive aggressive punks like Harry Reid are among the most racist people on this planet,” she added, not realizing that people dislike her because she is intolerance incarnate and not because she's Asian.

Andrew Sullivan Named His Not-Actually-Real Racism Award After Her

While technically not something she actively did, it's worth nothing that Andrew Sullivan and his team at The Dish found her so inspirationally awful that they named their award "for shrill, hyperbolic, divisive and intemperate right-wing rhetoric" after her.

She Continues To Keep This Up On Her YouTube Page