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Drake's Lasting Legacy

Never trust a man that brings a lint roller to a basketball game...
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I know this isn't the ideal audience to announce this, and some most may not even see why this is relevant, but Drake, hip-hop superstar who is simultaneously the most popular rapper on the planet not named Kanye and the punchline to jokes like this, may have done something to cement a legacy that is almost onomatopoeic in its description.

I mean, just watch...

(he's the guy in the grey sweater sitting courtside above the words "Air Canada")

I know for the uneducated this seems like no big deal, but even if you don't know/care enough about how the current hip-hop world works (in all its shitty gossipy glory) to know why this is so bad, everyone should beware of and respect this one unbreakable rule: never trust a man that brings a lint roller to a basketball game.

This is the kind of activity that has me worried that one day Take Care isgoing to be the next, "He made Thriller..."