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Comment of the Week!

This week's Comment of the Week Award goes to...
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Sometimes you all make us here at the Daily Banter office laugh until we cry, sometimes you make us want to scream until we cry, but the best is when you blow our minds with an interesting angle or rebuttal that we hadn't thought of (...and then we cry).

And that's why this week's Comment of the Week Award goes to...JTalaga!

In response to Chez's piece arguing that "Bullying the CEO of Mozilla Over His Anti-Gay Marriage Donation Was Wrong," JTalaga took a step back and reminded us of the bigger picture:

"I agree with the basic argument that a person’s job should not be jeopardized by their political actions or religious beliefs; however, if we’re going to treat corporations as people with legally recognized religious beliefs, and if we’re going to classify their political contributions as “free speech,” then the job of CEO becomes a special case, as the CEO’s beliefs inform the company’s “beliefs."

The public should absolutely be vocal about the people corporations choose as their leaders because we have given those leaders the power to impact public policy in a huge way."

Even Chez was impressed...

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 11.33.44 AM

So keep them comments comin'!