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The Most Egregious Examples of Hobby Lobby's Religious Hypocrisy

Hobby Lobby, which is suing the federal government over Obamacare's mandary contraception coverage, offers its employees a 401(k) retirement plan that happens invest $73 million in pharmaceutical companies that develop and produce various forms of contraception. And that's not all...
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Yesterday, we learned that Hobby Lobby, which is challenging the federal government over Obamacare's mandatory contraception coverage, offers its employees a 401(k) retirement plan that happens to invest $73 million in pharmaceutical companies that develop and produce various forms of contraception.


According to Mother Jones, the companies include Bayer, Pfizer and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, and the contraceptives include pills, emergency contraception, IUDs and, yes, abortion drugs.

These companies include Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, which makes Plan B and ParaGard, a copper IUD, and Actavis, which makes a generic version of Plan B and distributes Ella. Other holdings in the mutual funds selected by Hobby Lobby include Pfizer, the maker of Cytotec and Prostin E2, which are used to induce abortions; Bayer, which manufactures the hormonal IUDs Skyla and Mirena; AstraZeneca, which has an Indian subsidiary that manufactures Prostodin, Cerviprime, and Partocin, three drugs commonly used in abortions; and Forest Laboratories, which makes Cervidil, a drug used to induce abortions. Several funds in the Hobby Lobby retirement plan also invested in Aetna and Humana, two health insurance companies that cover surgical abortions, abortion drugs, and emergency contraception in many of the health care policies they sell.

That's not all. You've probably also heard that Hobby Lobby's merchandise is almost entirely manufactured in China, an authoritarian nation that offers universal, state-financed abortions, which not only help to control China's population but are also available for a variety of other reasons. Surely Hobby Lobby is aware of what the Chinese government is up to, given the corporation's very outspoken opposition to abortion and contraception.

On the lighter side of Hobby Lobby's obvious hypocrisy, meanwhile, I scanned through the official Hobby Lobby website and online store and discovered several other glaring trespasses against the Lord.

Clicking over to the "Our Company" page, we find the following mission statement from founder and CEO David Green: "Honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with biblical principles." Well, based on the 401(k) news and the China news, that's not entirely accurate. What else?

Leviticus 19:27 - "Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard."

Smack in the middle of the front page, we see a photo of three Hobby Lobby employees. The white guy on the right not only sports a haircut that's very short on the sides, but the edges of his beard are clipped off.


Another translation of this verse forbids us from rounding off "the side-growth" of our hair. Uh-oh. David Green's hair is super-roundy.


Judgment: Abomination!

Leviticus 19:19 - "Do not wear clothing woven from two different kinds of thread."

Not only are the same employees pictured above clearly wearing clothing woven of two different kinds of material, but Hobby Lobby sells a wide selection of garments and accessories that are absolutely made from multiple kinds of thread. For example, there's the White Cross Camo Cadet Cap. Of course the hat is woven from both cotton and polyester:


Play up your style with this White Cross Camo Cadet Cap. Perfect for every season, the fashionable cap is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester materials and features authentic camouflage by Mossy Oak. The large, white cross with clear rhinestones and silver details is sure to get you noticed!

Judgment: You'll get noticed all right. By Satan!

Leviticus 11:7 - "And the pig, though it has a divided hoof, does not chew the cud; it is unclean for you."

While not technically real-life pigs, the Hobby Lobby store sells more than a dozen different (unclean) pig items, including "Flying Pigs Duck Tape," "Pink Glass Pig Charm," "Carved Stacked Cow, Pig, Rabbit & Rooster" (???) and something called a "Pig Popper."


Judgment: Off to Hell with you!

Timothy 2:9 - "I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes."

Okay, we can debate whether paying $19.99 for a "You Need Jesus, Bro" t-shirt is considered expensive, but that aside, yes, Hobby Lobby sellsgold jewelry, which God evidently doesn't want women to wear.

Judgment: Not very "consistent with biblical principles." Bro.

Clearly, Hobby Lobby's biblical outrage is purely selective. The real reason it's challenging Obamacare is because David Green doesn't care for President Obama or his healthcare law, and so he's exploiting his religion in order to attack a very important aspect of the law. In the process of doing so, he's not only burdening the judicial system but also wasting the time of the Supreme Court at the head of that system. If Green's objections were genuinely based upon actual biblical purity, he wouldn't be doing business with China or investing so much revenue in a 401(k) that's also, like China, connected to evil, evil abortion and contraception. Not only is his merchandise made in China, but dozens of items are questionable at best and sinful at worst when it comes to strictly adhering to "biblical principles."