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Yes, Mr. Kenobi, 'Sand People' Is Racist

In between overly-elaborate Star Wars references, Tommy Christopher will be bringing insightful Washington, DC reporting, engaging policy analysis, and provocative commentary for The Daily Banter. Here is Tommy's first post on his new home.

My name is Tommy Christopher, and since today is my first day writing for this site, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself, and explain some of the trepidation I've experienced surrounding this assignment. When Ben Cohen and I first discussed the job, I secretly worried about the narrowness of the subject matter, but hoped that you, our audience, would indulge the occasional article about tauntauns, or pack animals of the Dagobah system... (checks imaginary earpiece) What's that? It's not The Daily Bantha? Then why did I spend all night printing out the entire Wookiepedia?

That's just a little taste of what you can expect from me as White House correspondent and political analyst at The Daily Banter, but in between overly-elaborate Star Wars references, I also hope to bring you some insightful Washington, DC reporting, engaging policy analysis, and provocative commentary that fits well with the writing you've become accustomed to here, and adds to it.

The Daily Banter is already a great place to read. I've been reading Bob Cesca since before the early days of the Affordable Care Act's gestation, and these days, he is all over the Ed Snowden story so I don't have to be. Chez Pazienza and Ben let it all hang out in their commentaries, and aren't afraid to disagree. Bryce Rudow's anti-anti-vax coverage is a treat, and hopefully, Virginia Pelley will come out of her shell and tell us how she really feels. Oliver Willis has been my Twitter frenemy for several years now, and while we're both proud liberals, we never know which direction we'll find each other riding in. All of those things make this site the one thing that a website really needs to be in order to compete: interesting.

I'm still getting to know the other writers here, but their work illustrates why The Daily Banter is a great place to write. They are given extraordinary freedom, so even though this is a left-leaning site, there is still plenty of room for diversity of opinion and subject matter. As a writer, I have always preferred to work with people with whom I frequently disagree, but it will be nice for those disagreements not to be fundamental, like whether anything is ever racist.

Most of all, though, I'm looking forward to being a part of The Daily Banter's next big steps into the future. One thing this business has taught me is that powerful writing can make a difference, one which can't be measured in clicks and Drudge links, but in the influence it exerts on the public conversation. In the months and years ahead, I hope to help this site make that difference, and make it clearly.