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Comment of the Week!

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We don't do this for us; we do this for you. We want you to know that there are other semi-sane people out there who want to converse with others that believe in the sanctity of rational thought.

So this week's Comment of the Week comes from...Rita D.Lipshutz!

In response to an article about a home healthcare worker that took an anti-vaccinationist to town on Tumblr, Rita, an infectious disease nurse let us know the daily battle she has to fight when it comes to this debate, and how much she appreciates the Daily Banter community (that's you guys!) for helping her feel like she's not taking crazy pills.

"You should see some of the anti-science idiocy this post brought out on Proud to Be Liberal Scum. I am as left as they come but I am also an infectious disease nurse and I am mortified at how clearly scientific illiteracy has overtaken huge portions of "our side" as well as theirs. As I said there, you don't get to laugh at the righties for not believing in science (re: climate change and evolution) and then act just as ignorant and conspiracy theory driven over other topics, especially when the results are just as deadly. Or I guess you do but then the scientifically literate among us get to call ignorant and hypocritical and an embarrassment to the left.

I fight this battle every day and if anyone had ever told me when i was a new nurse that it would BE a battle, I wouldn't have believed it. Back then (40 years or so ago) they actually believed and taught in my nursing school that "the age of infectious disease was over." Little did they know that people like Jenny McCarthy would bring it back by giving out bad 'medical advice' with impunity and masses of people would be listening to her and her ilk.

It feels very uphill some days so I really appreciate your support."

Keep them comments comin'!