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Comment of the Week!

This week's Comment of the Week award goes to...
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We'll be the first to admit that sometimes a great comment can almost overshadow the original article we put up. And we love that! It's what TheDaily Banter is all about! Humble us with your intellect and wit! Make us tremble at your eloquence and diction!!!


It's my honor to bestow this Comment of the Week award to a user that won it exactly one month ago as brink!

In response to Bob's piece on Thomas Ricks going after Glenn Greendwald, he wrote:

Funny how a little safe house asylum in an authoritarian state can buy the silence of a so-called journalist hot on the trail of a book deal. It's the Russian code of silence, or 'self-censorship.' He can now lump himself in with every journalist he blasts for covering for Bush over Iraq.

A real journalist wouldn't dare play coy over this, which makes relying on Greenwald for honest reporting all the more dangerous to a reality-based debate. How can anyone trust someone who can't bring themselves to state the obvious?

For the first time ever, Reporters Without Borders has listed the U.S. as an "internet enemy," because Greenwald would call them names like he does everyone else if they didn't.

"While the U.S. doesn't censor online content and pours money into promoting internet freedom worldwide," they have to be on the list! They just have to!

Prosecuting "whistle blowers" has nothing to do with internet freedom. And the NSA isn't taking anyone's freedom away. But when you're cramming Edward Snowden's fleet foot into every glass slipper in town, even the fairy godmother is going to have to call bullshit eventually.

Meanwhile, the country that shall remain nameless:

Russia has been on a downward slope for more than a decade. Until fairly recently, however, the Russian government did not directly censor the Internet, preferring instead to employ subtle strategies to control online discourse. In 2012, that changed, when the Russian Duma overwhelmingly passed a bill allowing the creation of a national blacklist of websites. Today, that blacklist continues to grow, while the government continues to seek new ways of limiting online speech.
And Greenwald continues to drive Putin's getaway car for the heist of U.S. national security secrets because admitting there are far more dangerous threats to democracy and internet freedom out there would make his little act look ridiculously sensational by comparison. We won't be free until Glenn says we are! But first, a riddle, on behalf of his Russian sponsor: What's black and white and red all over? Obama's legs in a blender! Hahaha...silence, O-Bots!

He's now cornered. But I feel sorry for anyone who comes to his defense, even while he jerks their leashes to stop them from eating through the fence around his fake-journalist castle moat.

Keep them comments coming!