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Comment of the Week!

This week's Comment of the Week comes from...
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We've had a pretty interesting week here at the ole Banter, with Ben Cohen and Chez Pazienza getting incidentally pitted against each other in terms of the whole Abby Martin/Liz Wahl/Russia Today thing. But a Banter divided against itself is still as strong as ever, and this week's Comment of the Week made us feel like you all understand that, and we couldn't appreciate it more.

So without further ado, this week's Comment of the Week comes from... David L! (his second time winning the prestigious award)

On a post that Ben wrote about America's place when it comes to lecturing the world on international law, David wrote back to someone claiming we're all Obamabots and said:

Nope, wrong. You know, different people can actually have different viewpoints and still work or comment on the same fucking website. You're conflating every writer and commenter here into some sort of Obama-worshipping, hippie-hating homogenous mass, when you've obviously not been paying too much attention (or just wanted to score one more generalized Obamabot accusation).

Fact is, Ben's political stance is definitely different from Bob's, Oliver's or Chez's, for example, which is perfectly understandable since he grew up in Europe (I did too, so I know where he's coming from), and clearly there are wildly different processes of socialization in the UK and US. If you take Bob, Chez and Oliver and read what they actually fucking write, you'll see that they too differ in many of their opinions, which is pretty necessary, since otherwise this would be a boring-ass site. Or look at guest writers and staff writers like Virginia or Bryce and you'll see that they aren't all card-carrying members of the BHO fanclub. Also, commenters vary in their ideology on a person-per-person basis, as is fucking logical (and you're a prime example, Hayes), and I am sure not all of them voted for the President or even voted at all. Not a big deal.

All of this is pretty obvious, and I suspect maybe that's why nobody has bothered to answer to your comment, but it's pretty irritating to see this kind of sweeping generalization which is patently untrue. This ain't a symmetric counterpart to The Blazeor The Daily Caller in any twisted way you can think of. It's a place where people with different takes on politics and culture can come to banter, and it'd be pathetic if the only thing going on were paeans to the Leader.

I, for instance -- although I admire President Obama in many ways and think he's the most capable and compassionate chief executive this country has had since FDR -- am politically much, much more to his left. He's a Christian, moderate-centrist capitalist, and I am personally much more inclined towards democratic socialism (not social democracy). OK, great. So what? I can read this site all day and agree with a lot and disagree with some (I tend to agree with Ben the most and with Chez, who's a terrifically-talented leftist-basher, the least), but I don't come here to read glowing asslickery of the Prez; nor do I think most people here do. I can read Chez Pazienza in the sunny morning and fucking Gramsci, Rosa Luxembourg or Bakunin in the evening and still maintain a political identity that isn't compromised by what I happen to be reading at a given moment. This site is critical with the Prez when it has to, laudatory when he deserves it, and has room enough for a bunch of divergent but progressively-minded voices to be heard. Yeah, they're all on the progressive spectrum, even if left-libertarians try to claim otherwise because schmones or whatever.

So yeah, this is basically my long-winded response to your inane fan club accusation. I know why you say it, but I think reality shows that this is something very different from the conservative hatemills you're comparing it to.

Keep those comments a comin’!