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Comment of the Week!

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I didn't think we'd be selecting this user for a Comment of the Week anytime soon; almost-too-much snark and occasional nitpicking were hallmarks of his usual comments, but I guess on any given Wednesday, dreams can come true.

This week's Comment of the Week comes from...JozefAL!

Yesterday, I felt the need to punish my own and attacked a "millennial writer" who thought it would be funny to shit on "Yesterday" by The Beatles in the Washington Post. While I'm sure she's still licking her wounds, Jozef threw out some fun background history on the song in the comment section, and I'm a sucker for #BeatlesFunFacts:

"If she really wanted to make fun of "Yesterday," all she had to do was point out that McCartney, when writing this "classic" song, used the oh-so-serious placeholder lyric, "Scrambled eggs."


He had the melody but no lyrics. He stumbled on the phrase "scrambled eggs" which fit the first few notes and then la-la-la'd the hell out of the rest.

And, in all honesty, the song is so widely covered because it IS a simplistic piece of fluff. And again, in all honesty, Ray Charles' version is SOOOOOOO much better than "the Beatles" version; of course, there is no such thing as the Beatles version because the song is a Paul McCartney solo recording. None of the other Beatles was involved with the song's production. There's also an interesting note that John Lennon--just prior to his death--pointed out that the song doesn't actually have a resolution. It's all just a schlub whining that he pissed off his girlfriend (maybe wife) to the point that she left and he can't move on. It could be one of the world's first truly emo songs (even before "emo" was ever a thing)."

And now I will never be able to hear this song without singing "Scrambled egggssss" in my head. Thank you, Jozef.

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