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Millennial Alert: Former Obama Fan Girl Turns Ron Paul Devotee

Carey Wedler, a 20 - something resident of Los Angeles was once Obama's biggest fan. But because Obama didn't resolve the issues she cares passionately about, Wedler has moved on and wants the world to know it.
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"I hated you [President Obama] more than I hated George Bush because I felt personally betrayed by all of the lies that you told. But really I should thank you now because a few years out from realizing what a scam you were, I understand that it's not just is the institution of government that is the problem, and it doesn't matter what political party is in office. It doesn't matter if it's a liberal or if it's a conservative, or you, or George Bush or anyone else who will run for president, or any other office in government. It is the institution of government that is violent, and forceful, and coercive, and kills people and subjects them to will with a force [sic], so instead of spreading the same hate you do with your rhetoric and that you and your fellow politicians decide to inflict on the rest of the world I would rather spread love and peace and freedom and help people understand that this government that you are currently at the head of (but it really doesn't matter who is) is strictly violative and doesn't do anything to help them, it only restricts the potential of humanity and that's would I would like to share."

- Carey Wedler, Obama fan turned Ron Paul devotee

To Millennials, everything is personal.

Custom skinned iPhones, personalized lattes with the exact brand of almond milk, and vintage clothing that reflects their true, unique personality are par for the course. For the Millennial, it runs deeper than the superficial. Everything is about them; the world, politics, religion, and anything in between. While the Millennial focuses on the 'we,' it is always done through the lens of the 'me'. The cause is an opportunity to be a part of something bigger, but more importantly, to self identify. To the Millennial, the imperfect will not do - everything must be tailored to their own particular vision for the world around them. When their views change, then so too must the world.

When iPhones are no longer in, the world is therefore Android. When Obama doesn't deliver on his promises, the world is now Ron Paul.

Carey Wedler, a 20-something resident of Los Angeles was once Obama's biggest fan. But because Obama didn't resolve the issues she cares passionately about, Wedler has moved on and wants the world to know it.

In a 4-minute video posted to YouTube last week, Wedler delivered a withering monologue directed at the President on his failure to close Gitmo, regulate Wall St, bring the troops home, and a litany of other crimes she believes the president is guilty of. Seen by well over half a million people now, Wedler accuses Obama of being "the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people," and proceeds to set fire to her old Obama t-shirt in order to 'burn my last bridge' to the President.

Wedler is upset you see, because after all, it's all about her.

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Carey Wedler in 2008

Thinking for oneself isn't easy, and with such little time and so many things to do, it is easier to outsource to someone who will do it for you. Instead of developing her own, more nuanced understanding of politics, Wedler figured Ron Paul provided enough answers and catered more or less to how she felt. So now, Wedler is a full on Ron Paul devotee.

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Carey Wedler's Facebook page, 2014

Because the world is now Ron Paul, everything must be viewed through that lens. In 2008, government could do good. But now that Obama is out and Ron Paul in, government is now always bad.

Presumably, Carey drove past the government construction workers on public roads, built and maintained by the US government, in a safe car that had to pass numerous federal safety inspections before being deemed roadworthy. Presumably, she drinks safe water, paid for and regulated by the government, and benefited in someway from the public education system. Presumably she also knows that the internet was created and funded by the US government, and has the freedom to say whatever she wants on it because the government strictly protects her right to do so.

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But none of that matter, because Carey feels strongly about her cause, and nothing else matters.