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BREAKING: Two Buildings Collapse After Massive Explosion in Harlem

According to CNN's Stephanie Gallman, Con Edison, which provided natural gas service in Manhattan, was called to the block to investigate a gas leak moments before the explosion.
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Two buildings have collapsed after a massive explosion took place in Harlem between 116th and 117th St. earlier this morning.

According to CNN's Stephanie Gallman, Con Edison, which provides natural gas service in Manhattan, was called to the block to investigate a gas leak moments before the explosion. “For weeks we've been smelling gas," neighbor Ashley Rivera told the Daily News.

A spokesman for the FDNY said the first call regarding a possible explosion came at 9:31 a.m, and while definitive numbers of those injured is still unconfirmed, most sources are reporting around a dozen with minor to severe injuries.

This post will be updated as more information comes out.

Update (12:30pm EST): 

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a press conference that the explosion, which destroyed two buildings, was caused by a gas leak. The "only indication of danger came about 15 minutes earlier" than blast, he said. The FDNY is currently battling a 5-alarm fire on the scene.

2 people are dead, with 18 others injured with different levels of seriousness, the mayor said. A search will be conducted as soon as the fire is put out.

Watch a livestream of his press conference here.