Woody Allen's Side of the Dylan Farrow Abuse Allegation Back in 1992

Woody Allen defended himself against allegations of molestation in an unfiltered interview on 60 Minutes in 1992.

Over the past few weeks, the Farrow family have used various outlets to publicly attack Woody Allen for his alleged abuse of his daughter, Dylan Farrow. Having only seen a handful of Woody Allen's films and being dimly aware of the family troubles, I don't mind admitting that after reading Dylan's open letter in the New York Times, I instinctively believed her version of events and found myself disgusted with Allen. Dylan's recounting of her father abusing her in an attic are detailed and chilling, making it difficult to see how she could have misremembered or misinterpreted it. How could Hollywood and the authorities turn a blind eye to such a monstrous manipulator?

However, as Chez Pazienza wrote yesterday in a piece that detailed, at least in part, the other side of the story, nothing is quite as it seems. A commenter on Chez's piece posted a clip of Woody Allen defending himself in an unfiltered interview on 60 Minutes in 1992, providing some very interesting evidence that certainly casts doubt on his former partner and daughter's version of events. While I'm not quite ready to jump to Allen's side, there's certainly a case to be made that Mia Farrow may have coached her 7 year old daughter into believing she was abused, and made her lie to the authorities, who incidentally never found any evidence of improper behavior on Allen's behalf. Again, I'm not implying this definitely happened, but if there's one thing we can be sure of in this ultimately tragic conflict, it's that there's nothing we can be sure of.