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Watch "The TREWS (True News) with Russell Brand" and Prepare for LOLZ

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Internet! Stop what you're doing and watch this.

No, really! Watch this video of Russell Brand analyzing the journalistic integrity of The Daily Mail.  From pedophile gangs to the fashion crazes of the 80's, there's plenty for Brand to pick on in the February 25th edition.  Of course, it's no secret we're big fans of the British comedian over here at the Daily Banter (see all evidence here), and some of us have even had the good fortune of being able to see his Messiah Complex production live, but this certainly takes the cake.

According to the comments, it looks like Brand may be angling to do this sort of analysis and interaction routinely.  If so, we're definitely on board! Few have the chops to be able to deliver the news with both truth and hilarity as well as Brand.  Watch out Stewart and Colbert - you've got some competition coming up on you in your rearview.