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WATCH: A Little Girl Experiencing Rain for the First Time Really Will Make Your Day

This will brighten your day. I promise you that.
Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 8.22.28 AM

At least twice a week I find myself digging into my blog and Facebook photos and traveling back through the life of my five-year-old daughter. When they tell you that time goes by so quickly when you have a child, they're not lying -- it does. All the little moments of sweetness, laughter, and unadulterated joy become bittersweet with the realization that they're now in the past and can never be fully recaptured. I miss my daughter anyway, since I don't live with her -- but when I realize that there was a time as she was growing that she was by my side almost constantly, and that I was there for some of her first wondrous experiences, it's both glorious and painful.

Maybe that's why it won't surprise anybody to learn that this clip of a little girl's incredible reaction to going outside in the rain made me more than a little misty. Whether you have kids or not, it'll brighten your day. I promise you that.