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Hate Mail of the Week

Every now and then, fanboys of Alex Jones stooge Dan Bidondi discover and rediscover two or three posts here about Bidondi's illiterate conspiracy-mongering and totally freak out. We received the following email over the weekend in response to something Chez wrote last week...
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Not too long ago, our own Chez Pazienza wrote a couple of posts about a nearly-illiterate Alex Jones stooge named Dan Bidondi (here and here). You might recognize Bidondi from the press conferences following the Boston Marathon bombing and the Navy Yard massacre. Bidondi was the "reporter" for Jones' InfoWars who beclowned the otherwise serious proceedings with questions about "false flag" conspiracy theories.

Well, every now and then, Bidondi's fanboys discover and rediscover the posts and totally freak out. We received the following email over the weekend in response to this post by Chez.

Tell those two faggot bosses of yours that they wish they were a quarter of the journalist that badondi is. The only reason I looked at your crappy disinformation site is that I came across it while searching for what D.B. was up to since he blew up that mock press conference in Boston.If they grovel for Obama because they think he will let them get married, I suggest they immediately move to France where that can happen now.

Robert L. DiMeglio

A few things on this.

--Someone's repressing something there, no?

--Also, Mr. DiMeglio is such a big fan of Bidondi that he misspelled his last name -- perhaps in solidarity with Bidondi's well-known problems with basic spelling and grammar. But then he wisely switched to Bidondi's initials to be on the safe side.

--Just for the record, Chez isn't my boss. Ben is and, technically, though rarely applied, I'm Chez's boss.

--And finally, is "blew up" a wise or respectful turn of phrase to reference the press conference after the Boston Marathon bombing?

Anyway, thank you, Mr. DiMeglio, for your correspondence. At least you were good enough to put your real name to your homophobic rage.