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Comment of the Week!

This week's Comment of the Week is...
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Now we here at The Daily Banter don't like to toot our horn all that much, but when it's you all do the tooting, we're a little inclined to humbly agree.

So this week's Comment of the Week comes from...mrbrink!

Last week, in response to our takedown of cultural cesspool EliteDaily.commrbrink, took the time to write a touching comment about the piece, resonance in internet journalism, and what we're trying to accomplish here at The Daily Banter:

"After I read this, I clicked some of the links, read the comments here, and when I stepped away I found myself chewing it over really appreciating the tone and lingering effect. And that's really the best compliment I can pay any writer in any format. Resonance. That drive-thru shit has no real depth or resonance. "Trending now?" We will not be converted into ticker tape processors by unfeeling twerps who've come of age at a time when porn is streaming on your phone, not in some waterlogged box, while there are no more fucking seeds in the weed because there are no more album covers anywhere to deseed it on.

Sometime soon, the listicles are going to dry up, causing worldwide boredom through the land of hand-buzzer repetition. Like e-mail offers from Nigerian princes, eventually people will ignore it. I don't care how much breaking news, or how many trending videos, graphs, pictures of kittens and barking quotes from famous puppies, etc. you throw at me-- the power of resonance is a rare commodity, better than gold, Ponyboy.

It'll be here right along side the cockroaches when global warming washes out suburbia. No one is going to rummage through the wreckage for that other shit. This is where the aliens will come to find human life forms.

I see The Daily Banter as a site that wears it on its sleeve, shares the scars and genuinely celebrates its well-reasoned community. But one of the things I've found fascinating for some time now is this site's openness in examining the information age and from such seriously qualified perspectives and being so honest in your own sort of collective and individual digital soul-searching. Because I'm not sure of anywhere else you can go to find such an inside-baseball perspective addressing the general pressures and competition in generating revenue and without completely betraying humanity. Quite a remarkable coming of age story in its own right and a fascinating layer in the overall day to day portrait here. Someone should pitch a TDB reality-style show with all the laughter and drama that makes it so special. The writers on this site and the versatility is one reason why I don't watch as much television as I used to."

Thank you for the kind words mrbrink, and don't let anyone tell you that brown stuff on your nose is a bad look.

And keep them comments coming!