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Slovakian Art Student Draws Breathtaking Map Of The Internet

This is the world you really live in...
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You may live in a house on a street in a city in a state somewhere, but this is the world you really live in...

(click here for a larger version)


Inspired by xkcd's map of online communities, an art student named Jay Jason Simon (born Marin Vargic) from Slovakia designed this complex, ornate thing of beauty. Due to the the fact that the internet is as expansive as the universe, only a miniscule portion of it is actually represented, with websites generally portrayed in ratio relative to their traffic and size.

Simon had this to say about the design:

"The map is divided into 2 distinctive parts; the eastern continent, "the old world" showcases software companies, gaming companies and some of the more real-life oriented websites.
Western part, "the new world" is composed from two major continent, northern one showcasing social networks, search websites, video websites, blogs, forums and art websites.
All major adult-oriented websites, in addition to varioius warez and torrent sites, are located on the southwestern continent of the map.
In the very south of the map, there is located "Great Southern Land" of obsolete websites and online services.
Outside the main map, there are also 4 minimaps showing NSA monitoring by country, most used browser, most used social network, and internet penetration by country.

You can check out (and buy) more interesting maps from Simon here.