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The Lie of the Moderate Republican: The Tumbling Down of Chris Christie

There’s a pervasive lie about Chris Christie that he’s different from what the Republican Party has become. That he’s a moderate... When it comes down to brass tacks, Chris Christie is just another Republican asshole in a long line of Republican assholes.

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, won’t win the election for President in 2016. No matter how enthusiastic the cheerleading gets from the Morning Joe team, Chris Christie’s chances at securing the Republican nomination are severely diminished. Turns out, there’s a limit to just how much corruption and hypocrisy you can do even as a Republican.

Christie’s administration is like a bad parody of the Sopranos; so why wouldn’t there be a cliché rat, former criminal associate turning states’ to save his own ass?Does anyone seriously believe Christie had no knowledge of the George Washington Bridge closure? That David Wildenstein wasn’t gonna roll on him?

There’s a pervasive lie about Chris Christie that he’s different from what the Republican Party has become. That he’s a moderate. That he’ll work with the opposition. By the sheer force of his personality, he’ll get the extremists to tow the line, and win over intransigent Democrats. It’s a wonderfully comforting fiction, all too appealing in an era of hyper-partisanship.

When it comes down to brass tacks, Chris Christie is just another Republican asshole in a long line of Republican assholes. He’s a symptom of a larger systemic problem. There is no morality, no principle the GOP won’t bend, or break in their quest for power. Power becomes an end in and of itself. It’s not what’s good for the country; it’s not fighting for the best outcome for the people. There is no service to the public, only to themselves. In short he’s an Establishment Republican that serves only the rich, and no one else. While he might be flexible on social/culture war issues, he’s even more dangerous on economics, such as cutting taxes for the rich, deregulating industry, and declaring social programs as drains on society. On those issues, he’s boiler plate GOP. He appears reasonable but his governing would be anything but.

This is Chris Christie’s modus operandi. He’s not a moderate Republican or a reasonable Conservative. He’s simply a Republican. He’s not the savior of American conservatism or Ronald Reagan reborn. He’s simply a Republican. He’s a corrupt product from a party who takes pride in perfidy. Naïve liberals who give Christie a pass, ascribing traits to him which he doesn’t possess is the height of delusion.

The Star-Ledger, New Jesery’s largest newspaper, called for him to step down, after originally endorsing him “despite deep reservations”.

The reservations included:

“The property tax burden has grown sharply on his watch. He is hostile to low-income families, raising their tax burden and sabotaging efforts to build affordable housing. He’s been a catastrophe on the environment, draining $1 billion from clean energy funds and calling a cease-fire in the state’s fight against climate change.
The governor’s claim to have fixed the state’s budget is fraudulent. New Jersey’s credit rating has dropped during his term, reflecting Wall Street’s judgment that he has dug the hole even deeper. He has no plan to finance transit projects and open space purchases now that he has nearly drained the dedicated funds he inherited from Gov. Jon Corzine.
His ego is entertaining, but it’s done damage as well. By removing two qualified justices from the Supreme Court without good cause, he threatened the independence of judges at all levels, and provoked a partisan stalemate that has left two vacant seats on the high court. This was a power grab gone wrong.”

After listing all of these reservations, is it such a stretch to imagine that his administration would be capable of the George Washington Bridge scandal? And yet, after all of these transgressions, the Star Ledger chose to endorse Christie, even though he hadn’t spoke to the editorial board in four years. Even though they were afraid that Christie, who was vague on his second term plans, would go even more right with his policies in his bid to capture the Republican Nomination in 2016, they still endorsed him. A newspaper, a member of the fourth estate, one which is supposed to safeguard the public interest, feigned a hollow endorsement because he’s a “moderate” Republican.

Yesterday, eighteen subpoenas were issued by New Jersey state legislators in the George Washington bridge scandal. No one is sure on the motivation for the George Washington Bridge lane closures, or just how much direct knowledge Chris Christie knew, both of the scandal and the subsequent cover-up.

What is known, what is undeniable reality, is this is how Republicans’ govern. Is Christie any different from Scott Walker, who was bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers, in order to sell off Wisconsin public power plants? Or Rick Scott of Florida, who enacted laws designed to shut out typically Democrat supporters, including hampering President Obama’s re-election efforts? Or Rick Perry of Texas who has gone by the Republican playbook of selling government, the property of the Public, to private interests?

A party that is driven by an inflexible ideology, one that is untethered from reality, whose sole purpose is the accumulation of power at any cost, produces exactly a kind of leader like Chris Christie. Eight years of the Bush Administration wasn’t an anomaly. It was an accretion. Despite all the hype of moderation, regardless of the professions of innocence, Chris Christie, remains, above all things, a Republican.