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Quote of the Day: This Is Why People Don't Take Feminists Seriously

Feminists at Wellesley college have started a petition to have a sculpture of a sleepwalking man in his underwear removed from the campus quad. The hysterical comments are as entertaining as you'd expect.
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"What does this statue do if not remind us of the fact of male privilege every single time we pass it, every single time we think about it, every single time we are forced to acknowledge its presence. As if we need any more reminders."

-- From a comment posted to a petition demanding the removal of a statue of a sleepwalking man in his underwear from the campus quad of Wellesley College

The statue is part of an exhibition by artist and sculptor Tony Matelli at Wellesley's Davis Museum. It's admittedly life-like and a little weird, but for the most part it's been treated as the harmless oddity it is.

Again, for the most part.

There's of course a slew of campus feminists, including a junior named Zoe Magid, who object to the statue of the white male doofus sleepwalking in his tighty-whities out in the open, and they're behind this petition. Because as you know, is the weapon every hyper-liberal idiot swings these days in an effort to strong-arm the world into conforming to their particular socially just vision.

The comments left at the petition are a veritable treasure trove of silly internet-feminist buzzwords: the statue is a "trigger" for those who live in the constant shadow of sexual assault; it's an implied threat to those who've been the victim of racism, sexism and so on; it's an actual sexual assault in an of itself. You know, hysterical nonsense like that.

Put it this way, when even Amanda Marcotte over at Slate's XXFactor says you need to lighten up, you know you've gone way off the res.