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THE MORNING BANTER: State of the Union-ing, Body Swapping, and Macklemore Hating

Happy middle of the week day! Here's what's happening on the interweb:
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Happy middle of the week day! Here's what's happening on the interweb:

1. Obama Delivers Strong State of the Union Address

The polls say that President Barack Obama is at a low point, but you couldn’t tell it from the tour de force of his State of the Union speech. He was standing at the podium, but seemed to have a spring in his step. His smile was winning; his enthusiasm for America’s future infectious. Masking the modesty of his proposals in the energy and confidence of his presence, the president launched the pivotal year of his second term with a shrewdly relentless focus on the use of his own power to change policy and convene, shame and inspire other sectors of society.

And as he tucked himself into bed that night, he leaned over, gently kissed an already-sleeping Michelle on the forehand, then caught a vision of himself in the large dressing mirror across the room. "You sly dog, you," he said to himself coyly, " how the hell did you pull that one off?"

2. History Through the President’s Words

Speaking of SotU's, The Washington Post put together a pretty great analysis on the linguistics of past addresses. It's a really great reminder that these are all empty promises and rhetoric, but it's also quite fascinating.

3. Body Swapping Machine Invented in Spain

A new machine called The Machine To Be Another created by Spanish design collective Be Another Labs combines virtual reality with advanced neuroscience techniques to let people, effectively, swap bodies with one another. Now you can live out all those closeted Freaky Friday dreams of yours.

4. Don’t Hate Macklemore Because He’s White

Slate's Jack Hamilton wants to remind us to not be bigots and hate Macklemore simply because he is white and Grammy voters decided he was the most deserving hip-hop artist of the year. Instead, hate him for a more substantial reason, like his music being terrible.