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THE MORNING BANTER: Glenn Beck Apologizes, Warren Buffet Bets, David Brooks Is A Dick, and Quentin Tarantino Bails

Happy Thursday. Let's just all keep trying to get by. Here's what's on the interweb:
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Happy Thursday. Let's just all keep trying to get by. Here's what's on the interweb:

1. Glenn Beck: I Played A Role In 'Helping Tear The Country Apart'

Glenn Beck admitted Tuesday that he has some major regrets about his time at Fox News.

“I remember it as an awful lot of fun and that I made an awful lot of mistakes, and I wish I could go back and be more uniting in my language,” Beck said during an interview with Megyn Kelly. “I think I played a role, unfortunately, in helping tear the country apart and it's not who we are.”

At that very same moment, somewhere in Hell, Hitler noticed that for the first time ever, he noticed a chill in the air.

2. Warren Buffett Backs $1 Billion Prize for Perfect March Madness Bracket

A new contest from Quicken Loans makes Powerball look like small change.

The financial services brand is offering $1 billion to the person who completes a perfect bracket in this year's NCAA March men's college basketball championship. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway will insure the prize. Anyone who completes that feat will get their cash in 40 annual installments of $25 million. If you can't wait, you can get $500 million in a lump sum. The odds of winning are 1 in 9.2 quintillion odds, but you know I know that you know that we're all going to try to win.

3. 5 Quotes To Prove That David Brooks Really Does Hate Poor People

Here are 5 quotes from Brooks that prove, if you look a little harder, that he believes rich people are superior to poor people not just because they have more money, but because they are better people. Cause he's, ya know, a dick.

4. Quentin Tarantino's Next Script Got Leaked, So Now He Refuses To Make It

Someone has leaked the script for Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, and now he’s refusing to make it. “I’m very, very depressed,” the director tells Deadline. The Hateful Eight was meant to be a sequel to Pulp Fiction and was originally titled Pulp Fiction 2: Electric Boogaloo.