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How Good is George Zimmerman's Latest Painting? We Ask an Actual Art Teacher

George Zimmerman is releasing a new painting after selling the last one for over $100,000. To ascertain whether he really is the next Rembrandt, we asked an actual art teacher to critique his technical skill and creativity.
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Killer of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, serial gun owner, and now apparent artist, George Zimmerman is releasing a new painting, presumably to raise funds for his gigantic legal fees.

On Wednesday, Zimmerman's brother tweeted out a photo of the painting (pictured below), which is a portrayal of northeast Florida state attorney Angela Corey, the special prosecutor who charged him with second-degree murder:

Zimmerman sold his last painting on eBay for an astonishing $100,099.99 a month ago, proving that he is either a) a brilliant artist b) has lots of racist diehard fans.


To ascertain whether Zimmerman really is the next Rembrandt though, we asked an actual art teacher to critique his technical skill and creativity.

Ian Cross (BA, M.Ed.), a secondary school art teacher from England had the following to say:

The graphic simplification of three dimensional form to four analogous hues in Zimmerman’s ‘Angie’ is reminiscent of Shepard Fairey’s ‘Andre the Giant’. Whilst this process of reduction and the stencil-esq slogan have connotations of political street art, the mildly impasto surface and slight wonk is more suggestive of paint by numbers. The colours are warm (perhaps even hot) and the text is unambiguously attributed like a quotation. As an Art teacher this is the sort of painting you get your students who are enthusiastic but lacking in ability to do: take a photo, stick it in Photoshop, filter/artistic/cutout, scale up, colour in, bingo. I think Zimmerman has tried really hard - well done George.

So there you have it. While he may not have all the talent in the world, Zimmerman's artistic endeavors are certainly to be encouraged. After all, they're a lot safer than shooting people.