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Facebook Bans Funny Photo of Jesus, But Allows Perverts to Harass Women

Facebook banned a pretty funny photo of Jesus but allows trolls to post grossly offensive comments towards women. Has the GOP infiltrated the social network?
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Facebook Creep

For reasons best known to themselves, Facebook banned a pretty funny photo of Jesus complaining to his followers about coming back to find everyone celebrating his life with symbols of the cross. Someone posted it to The Daily Banter's Facebook wall, and we were almost immediately notified that it was "deemed inappropriate" and given an "extensive review of Facebook’s standards and guidelines."

Ridiculous, you might say.

Given Facebook's sensitivity towards religious folk, I figured it may extend the same over-protectiveness to women. After Alyona Minkovski posted the interview we did of her on her Facebook wall, a very creepy looking guy named 'Daniel Reiß' (pictured above) left the following comment:

I reported Daniel for his revolting comment expecting the team at Facebook to take action. 5 days later, I received this message:

Facebook offensive

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 3.54.48 PM

So a funny and totally inoffensive Jesus photos get taken down, but a comment suggesting a woman let someone with opposing political beliefs 'ram' her is OK? Has the GOP infiltrated Facebook?