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Commenter of the Week 2: Q&A With Cathy McMorris Rodgers

More proof that Banter readers are the smartest peeps on the interwebs.
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We ran our 'Commenter of the Week' post yesterday featuring a delusional conservative who thought liberals wanted to kill conservatives who believe in 'liberty, property rights, and the protection of life'. However, reader Christopher Foxx left the following comment on our piece "Translating Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ SOTU Response" that warranted special attention. Why? Because it's brilliant.

Here's Christopher's fictional Q & A with Cathy McMorris Rodgers's after her SOTU response:

We want you to have a better life. The President wants that too. But we part ways when it comes to how to make that happen. So tonight I’d like to share a more hopeful, Republican vision

Excellent. Looking forward to it. What have you got?

Every day, we’re working to expand our economy,

OK, you're working on that. Good. So what exactly are you doing?

We have plans to improve our education and training systems...

Excellent. What are your plans? And the economy thing. You said you're working on it but still haven't said just what you're doing.

We’re working on a step-by-step solution to immigration reform

Oh, good. Step-by-step. So that should be easy to be clear about. What are the steps?

Then maybe we can get back to the economy and education things. You still haven't said anything un-general about those.

We have solutions to help you take home more of your pay

And those are...?

Maybe if you pick just one. The economy, education, immigration, income. Your choice. Whichever is easiest for you. What exactly are your plans/solutions/steps/anything?

Tonight, I simply offer a prayer


Keep the comments coming, Banter readers. You're the smartest peeps on the interwebs.