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In Which David Sirota 'White-splains' to Jamelle Bouie About African-American Voters

Sirota accused The Daily Beast's Jamelle Bouie of condescending to "communities of color" because Bouie wrote that Democratic candidates who run against the Obama record will risk alienating African-American voters. Bouie happens to be African-American. Please proceed, Sirota.
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By now you've probably heard that former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer is leaning toward a run for president, and when he does, he intends to position himself as "anti-Obama." Benjy Sarlin reported:

The former governor is gambling that Democrats won’t just want an alternative to Clinton in 2016–they’ll want a complete and total rejection of the Obama presidency.

In response, Jamelle Bouie, one of the leading political writers in the country, wrote that Schweitzer would end up alienating African-American voters who by and large support the president. Bouie, who is himself an African-American, wrote that African-Americans are the "most important constituency in the Democratic Party," and alienating these voters is not only a horrible idea, but Schweitzer will surely lose without them.

Worse, Schweitzer would only end up receiving support from around 16 percent of all Democratic voters who, according to polls, are dissatisfied with Obama's presidency.

So here was Sirota's reaction to Bouie's article:

Please proceed, Sirota. I don't think Bouie fully understands "communities of color."

So yes, Sirota is calling out an African-American writer for being, well, racially insensitive and "condescending" to African-American voters. Because he can spot racism where Bouie clearly can't.

Besides, it's a statistical reality -- not a racial generalization -- that African-American voters support President Obama by supermajority margins. And Obama received 93 percent of the African-American vote in the 2012 election.

But sure, not every African-American voter supports the president. But if Schweitzer bases his campaign on ripping apart the Obama presidency, he'll absolutely lose 93 percent of that demographic.

I think it's safe to generalize, given the numbers.

UPDATE: Almost forgot about this:

"Before becoming a full-time journalist, Sirota was a political strategist serving as a senior campaign aide to Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Montana’s first Democratic governor in 16 years..."