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Check Out This Nutbag Running for Congress (Hint: He Thinks Spousal Rape Should be Legal)

His name is Dick Black, he's a Republican, he's an elected member of the Virginia state Senate and he's running for Congress. Here are some fun facts about Dick Black...
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His name is Dick Black, he's a Republican and he's an elected member of the Virginia state Senate. Here are some fun facts about Dick Black (via Molly Redden):

1) He thinks the morning after pill is abortive, even though it doesn't prevent implantation and, instead, only prevents ovulation. Dick Black says this is "baby pesticide."

2) Abortion, says Dick Black, is worse than slavery.

3) Dick Black opposed a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Richmond, saying that Lincoln has no place in Virginia.

4) Dick Black thinks spousal rape should be legal. In fact, he actually said out loud where real-life human beings could clearly listen to his psychopathy, that it's impossible to prove spousal rape because "when they're living together, sleeping in the same bed, she's in a nightie, and so forth." And so forth?

5) Oh, and Dick Black is running for Congress in the soon-to-be former district of retiring Republican moderate Frank Wolf in Northern Virginia.

6) One more thing. Dick Black can win.

Redden reported for Mother Jones that if the Virginia GOP decides to abandon a primary election and chooses its nominee via a state convention, Dick Black, due to his conservative support, could end up moving on to the mid-terms in November.

Not to concern troll here, but didn't the GOP just endure a ridiculous election cycle in which various candidates doomed their own chances because of questionable views about rape and abortion? And the Confederacy thing doesn't help on the minority outreach front.

As for the rest of us, here's to hoping this crackpot doesn't get a chance to vote on legislation that impacts the entire country. The Crazy Caucus will always exist, but growing its ranks will only hurt America.