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Dennis Rodman Explodes, We Make Fun of It

Dennis Rodman went completely nuts on CNN this morning. Let's see how much smart-assery we can glean from it.
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This morning during a live interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, America's Sweetheart, Dennis Rodman, basically had a nervous breakdown. The topic was Rodman's ongoing campaign to bridge the gap between the ruthlessly totalitarian government of North Korea and the frivolous, celebrity-obsessed, non-stop reality show that is the United States. Of course that was the topic. Why else would any news outlet still be talking to Dennis Rodman in 2013?

Rodman calls Kim Jong Un his personal friend and claims that the diminutive North Korean leader is simply misunderstood, but Cuomo wanted to know how Rodman reconciles Kim's myriad human rights abuses with the image he's trying to sell the world on.

And that's when this happened:

We passed the clip around to the staff here at The Daily Banter and asked for their thoughts. Here's what we got back:

Chez: Ladies and gentlemen, the Haloperidol Globetrotters

Bryce: Now we get to see how good at rebounding he really is.

Bob: Where's "Mean Gene" Okerlund?

Bryce: It is the perfect mix between a Kanye West rant and a WWF promo video.

Chez: I don't know. I think all things considered Idi Amin looks pretty good.

Virginia: I don't even know what to say other than people should watchthese.

Bob: It occurs to me that Rodman is how Rush Limbaugh describes Barack Obama.

Ben: I think we've just found the yang to Sarah Palin's yin.

Bryce: I am so glad that I am not either of the two people behind Rodman who have realized they are not where they should be.

Bob: Rodman doesn’t realize that during the game, hundreds of starving dogs will be released onto the court. All exits locked.

Chez: It's about time the dogs in Korea got some payback.

Virginia: So he has a few hundred thousand people in prison camps, executes citizens indiscriminately and starves most of his people, can't we all just relax and have some fun, you Judgy McJudgersons?

Bryce: Somewhere, Dr. Drew feels like a failure and that his time on Celebrity Rehab meant nothing.

Chez: "North Korea is a great country... for me to poop on!"