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Warm and Fuzzy Alert: WestJet Airline Plays Santa for its Passengers and It's Glorious

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Tis the season for brands big and small to capitalize on holiday cheer... and hopefully do some good in the world too.  Well, at least that's the case with WestJet, a budget airline company out of Canada, which surprised two flights worth of passengers with an unexpected Christmas miracle.

The video below has gone viral, with over 7 million views and it's with good reason.  WestJet employees set up hidden cameras to capture the Christmas wishes of their unsuspecting passengers and delivered the gifts, big and small, to them once they arrived at their final destination.  The baggage claim area was turned into a winter wonderland and even featured a grand appearance from Santa himself.  The miracle was pulled off by over 150 WestJet employees in only four hours time -- amazing!

Beware, you'll definitely need a tissue or three:

And sure, this is certainly a great marketing move on WestJet's part, but I'm all for this kind of advertising if it keeps brands in touch with their clientele.  Nicely done, WestJet.  You've definitely made a future customer out of me. #WestJetChristmas

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(h/t NBC Connecticut for the story.)