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The Real, Official, Way-Better-Than-Chez's List of the Best 20 Songs of 2013

Without further ado, and with all disrespect in the world to Chez, here are the actual 20 Best Songs of 2013
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You know what the worst thing about being a “music journalist” is?

When Chez started posting his Top 25 Best Singles of 2013 a few weeks ago, I began getting this itch.

I tried my best to ignore it. I tried to tell myself, “Chez has seniority. Let this slide.”

But as I put together my own Best of 2013 list for the weekly music column I write over at Brightest Young Things (shameless plug), I started getting more and more defensive about what I believed to be the right choices.

So without further ado, and with all disrespect in the world to Chez, here are the actual 20 Best Songs of 2013. I've written about a few of them for said weekly column, so those are hyperlinked when applicable, and there's even a fancy Spotify playlist of them all below. Enjoy!

The Best 20 Songs of 2013:
1.  Chance the Rapper:  "Chain Smoker” (unavailable on Spotify, but you can DL his whole fantastic mixtape here)
2.  Twin Shadow:  "Old Love/New Love
3.  Joywave:  “Tongues"
4.  San Fermin:  "Sonsick"
5.  Typhoon:  "Young Fathers
6.  Earl Sweatshirt: "Chum"
7.  Sunboy:  "Highway Screamin'” (unavailable on Spotify but you can check it here)
8.  Rhye:  “Open"
9.  Haim:  "Send Me Down
10.  Mesita:  “Hostages"
11.  Vampire Weekend:  “Step"
12.  James Blake:  “Retrograde”
13.  Kanye:  “Blood on the Leaves”
14.  Torres:  “Honey" (really I mean the OurVinyl live session version of the song, which you can find here)
15.  The Dismemberment Plan:  “Invisible"
16.  Drake:  "Hold On, We're Going Home"
17.  Jamaican Queens:  "Kids Get Away"
18.  Diarrhea Planet:  "The Sound of My Ceiling Fan"
19.  Run The Jewels:  "Run The Jewels” (unavailable on Spotify, but you can download it here)
20.  Daft Punk:  “Lose Yourself to Dance

Honorable Mentions:
Little Green Cars:  "Kitchen Floor"
The Naked And Famous:  "I Kill Giants
The National:  "Don't Swallow The Cap"
Autre Ne Veut:  "Counting"
Fryars:  "Cool Like Me
Lorde:  "Royals" (written in May because I’m psychic: "It’s just a matter of time before we won’t be able to escape this strikingly pretty (is it legal for me to say that?) New Zealander. Be prepared.”)