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The Morning Banter: Twitter's Mistake, the Globes' Snubs, and Beyoncé's Big Surprise

Your Friday reading list.
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Remember that intro I wrote for last Friday's Morning Banter? Yeah -- just recycle that here.

1. 140 Character Assassination

Twitter is the weapon of choice when it comes to voicing outrage these days. So you can imagine what happened when Twitter suddenly changed the way users block harassing or generally unwanted followers. It's what led the site to suddenly reverse all those changes and put things back to the way they were.

The Verge: Twitter Reverts Nearly All Blocking Changes After User Uproar/12.12.13

2. All That Remains

The Huffington Post has started a long-read project with the goal of bringing more in-depth storytelling to the site. Under that banner is a piece that's up right now on the shooting of a 21-year-old college student. But really it's so much more than that and it's absolutely worth your time.

The Huffington Post: One Knock, Two Men, One Bullet

3. Golden Ticket

The nominations for the Golden Globes were released yesterday. So who got the nod and who got shafted? Glad you asked.

Vulture: Golden Globes Nominations Snubs and Surprises/12.12.13

4. Bey Very Afraid

It is truly a joyous time for our nation. Beyoncé dropped a surprise album onto the world last night via iTunes with no promotion or warning of any kind, which I suppose qualifies it as a concealed weapon. If you're like me, which I concede you probably aren't, you can't wait to not listen to every second of it.

Entertainment Weekly: Beyoncé Releases Surprise Album/12.12.13

Have a good one, kids.