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THE MORNING BANTER: Scientology, The Simpsons, The Universe, and Led Zeppelin

It's Thursday. Remember when Friends used to be on Thursday nights? Anyways, here's what's going on in the interweb.
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It's Thursday. Remember when Friends used to be on Thursday nights? I miss those crazy New Yorkers just trying to get by. Anyways, here's what's going on in the interweb:

1. UK Supreme Court Rules Scientology Is a Religion 
The UK Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the Church of Scientology is a religion and can therefore be used to perform marriage rituals. Scientology? Scientology. A realreligion? What’s next, Mormonism?

2. ‘The Simpsons’ Lands $750 Mil Cable Syndication, VOD Pact with FXX

Fox’s Twentieth Century Fox TV and Twentieth TV have set a massive first-ever cable syndication and VOD sale of “The Simpsons” to FX Networks’ new outlet FXX that is worth more than the Gross Domestic Product of some small nations. With 530 episodes and counting, the sale is valued at upwards of $750 million over the life of the deal. While some have deemed the news as “excellent,” others have declared it as “worst cable syndication deal ever.”

And for no reason, here’s that time Michael Jackson guest-starred on the show and wrote a song for Lisa’s birthday.

3. Is The Universe A Hologram? Physicists Say It's Possible

A team of physicists has provided some of the clearest evidence yet that our Universe could be just one big projection. In 1997, theoretical physicist Juan Maldacena proposed that an audacious model of the Universe in which gravity arises from infinitesimally thin, vibrating strings could be reinterpreted in terms of well-established physics. The mathematically intricate world of strings, which exist in nine dimensions of space plus one of time, would be merely a hologram: the real action would play out in a simpler, flatter cosmos where there is no gravity.

So basically there is no spoon, and we’re all looking at a mirror inside a mirror inside a mirror inside a mirror.

4. Led Zeppelin Catalog Comes to Spotify

The levee has broken: Led Zeppelin's catalog is coming to Spotify. The annoucement was made today by Spotify's Daniel Ek at a press conference in New York City. Led Zeppelin originally was going to make the announcement earlier in the week, but there was a communication breakdown that arose which left all members of the media both dazed and confused. Fortunately it didn’t matter, as the press unanimously agreed that they all had a whole lot of love for the British rock group and that even if there was a bit of a delay, the songs remain the same.