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F*ck Off, Donald

How pathetically predictable
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How pathetically predictable:

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It's official, Donald Trump must now be considered an internet troll. He may not be a spotty teenager in his parent's basement, but relatively speaking, he's not far off. Let's look at the evidence. The blowhard billionaire made his fortune the hard way: getting a whopping inheritance and having the government bail him out when things got tough. And because the spoiled brat isn't getting his way (no one took his near bid for the presidency seriously in 2012, or cares what he has to say these days) Donald is pitching yet another temper tantrum about the President.

The horrible man in the White House has made life very difficult for poor little Donnie by raising his tax rate by a miniscule percentage, and refusing to engage with him in deeply offensive public bets about college transcripts, or in presenting his birth certificate. So therefore he must have assassinated the director of Hawaii's Department of Health to cover up his illegal alien status in America.

Or maybe it's just because Obama is black, and more important that Donald Trump.