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Why Aren't More People Talking About Sh**ing in Sarah Palin's Mouth?

Despite hysterical reports that Martin Bashir actually said on air, “Someone should shit in Sarah Palin's mouth,” he didn't; he implied it. What he did say was rather brilliant.
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In a Dangerous Minds post yesterday, Richard Metzger wrote something that gave me great hope: He claims no one gives a shit what Sarah Palin has to say anymore. Which if true would be lovely, but Metzger's main point was that he was surprised that an MSNBC commentator's reaction to some idiotic thing she said recently has gotten so little press – aside from conservative media outlets.

Unfortunately, despite hysterical reports that Martin Bashir actually said on air, “Someone should shit in Sarah Palin's mouth,” he didn't; he implied it. What he did say was rather brilliant, I thought:

And then there's this guy, Mark Levin from Real Clear Politics Radio (bravo connecting with the common people with a grammatically incorrect name for your show), whose commentary on the commentary is pretty hilarious:

"MARK LEVIN: This guy -- what is his name? Martin Bashir -- if that is his name, Martin Bashir -- Friday closed his show with likely the most disgraceful rant against former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin you've ever heard. Hey tough guy, Martin Bashir, you like picking on women? You like picking on a mother and a grandmother? You a tough guy, pal? You strike me as not tough at all, if you get my drift [<hmm]. As a little puke, tough guy.

Besides calling her America's resident dunce and claiming she has a diseased mind, Bashir suggested that someone should defecate in her mouth and urinate in her eyes. And this is a long clip which I will not play because I don't want to disturb you folks about what goes on on this pathetic little carbon footprint called MSLSD."


LEVIN: Where is this guy from, Mr. Producer? Do we know? Google this guy, will you? All the tough guys over there MSLSD, one after another attacking Sarah Palin. 'Oh, he's tough, this Martin Bashir.' MSNBC. Oh, he's a Southie. Born in South London. So why did he come to our country? Why did he come to this country? Just what we need, to import more lunatic left-wing nutjobs like Martin Bashir. Stay in your own country, you jerk."

Many annoying outraged Tweets about Bashir's broadcast call him unprofessional, “racist” against white women, a “scat porn fetishist” and suggested that he be fired and MSNBC advertisers' products boycotted and that Todd Palin beat him up. One obnoxious Tweet states, “Sneaking suspicion @BashirLive's still nursing a mighty big grudge against all those smart, pretty, successful girls who've ignored him.”

And even though as usual, Palin's statement was inaccurate, fairly racist, and pretty dumb, most of Bashir's conservative critics are ignoring that and crying misogyny (as if that's ever bothered them before). Criticizing a woman doesn't make you a misogynist. Criticizing a woman for being a woman is misogynistic. Some would argue that promoting violence toward a woman is misogynistic on its face, but it appears to me that Bashir's hatred for Sarah Palin is based on the dumb, hateful things she says, not because a woman is saying them.

And frankly, it offends me to see Republicans suddenly pretending they give a shit about women. This is the party whose Congressional representatives cut funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP),  a program that women are twice as likely as men to be recipients of; voted to allow health insurance companies to charge higher premiums to women; cut funding for Nutrition Assistance for Low-Income Women and Children (WIC), and vote for infantalizing restrictions such as requiring parental consent, ultrasounds and 24-hour waiting periods before women are allowed to get abortions.

I'm sure there was no need to point any of that out. And I would've thought that no one needed point out that Bashir was merely saying Palin trivialized the unspeakable horror of slavery and is an ignorant idiot for doing so.

Sadly, someone does.