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This Will Make You Feel Better About Falling for My Stupid Rand Paul Joke

For those of you who bit down hard on my little Rand Paul joke here at the Banter last week, take heart -- the reaction was much more hilariously stupid over at the Huffington Post. Here, now, are the best of the responses there.
rand paul

So last week I posted a supposedly exclusive speech from Rand Paul. This "speech" had him commenting on the accusations of rampant plagiarism he's been inundated with lately by rattling off an entire litany of plagiarized lines and quotes from various books, movies, people and other assorted sources. In other words, the speech itself -- the whole thing from start to finish, every word of it -- was one big act of plagiarism.

I really did think it was obvious what I was doing. I figured no one would get farther than Rand Paul allegedly addressing a crowd in Kentucky with "I am the walrus," before realizing the whole thing was a joke. Amazingly, though, a lot of people fell for it, which in some ways is a little depressing, either because it proves Poe's Law and how monumentally fucked-up our political discourse is these days that something like that would be believable coming out of the mouth of a U.S. Senator, or simply how quick we now are to assume an angrily defensive stance against those we consider our political enemies.

Anyway, for those who did bite down hard and not let go here at the Banter, take heart -- the response was much more hilariously stupid over at the Huffington Post. There, the piece was actually filed under both "satire" and, in big red letters, "COMEDY," and yet still about 80% of the commenters fell for it completely, firing off one indignant response to the awfulness of Rand Paul's supposed speech after another.

Here, now, are the best of the responses. And I wholeheartedly suggest you listen to the clip below while reading.