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The Morning Banter: XBox One Arrives, Manson Lives, Palahniuk Rules, and Leo Lays

I'm doing this drunk. Abandon all hope.
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It's Friday, which means that you're ready to bail for the weekend. Here's some reading material to pass the time while you contemplate making your escape.

1. There Can Be Only One

Screw every other thing today. All that matters is this: XBox One launches. And it is awesome. Because it is XBox.

The Verge: XBox One Review/11.20.13

2. Charlie Down

Charles Manson, People's "Sexiest Man Alive" for 1969, has managed to outlive most of his serial killer contemporaries and certainly outlast them in terms of reputation and sheer cuddliness. Rolling Stone looks at what's left after all this time.

Rolling Stone: Charles Manson Today: The Final Confessions of a Psychopath/11.21.13

3. You Only Live Twice

Chuck Palahniuk has a new short story posted over at Playboy, proving that you really can buy it for the articles.

Playboy: Chuck Palahniuk's "Zombie"/11.20.13

4. Run This Town

New York's Vulture section has been doing something amusing this week by looking back on what the media and entertainment landscape looked like 15 years ago. If you're old enough to remember, 1998 was the year of one young king of the world and his hand-picked group of friends, who together turned New York City into their personal playground and ultimately saw more impressive ass than a couch at a Tri-Delt house.

Vulture: Remembering Leonardo DiCaprio’s Days as New York’s Party Prince of 1998/11.19.13

Why did I keep this short? Because I'm drunk. Bow before my ability to somehow type after four glasses of Bulleit rye neat, dammit.