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The Morning Banter: McAuliffe Wins VA, Marvel's First Female Muslim Superhero, and Illinois Now Supports Same-Sex Marriage

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Happy hump day! It's good to know you're at least halfway through the week, so why not celebrate the small victories in life with a nice round-up of news.


1. Terry McAuliffe Clinches Governor Seat in Virginia, Chris Christie Re-elected in New Jersey

McAuliffe, a democrat candidate who ran on a platform of social liberal views and economic moderate policies was elected governor last night despite a very tight race. Chris Christie was also able to retain his position as governor in New Jersey, and seems to be one of the few GOP members that's garnering attention from both sides of the aisle in a way that doesn't involve neither plagiarism or silly tea party antics.

NY Times: Chis Christie Coasts to 2nd Term as Governor of New Jersey

2. Kids Give Candid Reactions to Gay Wedding Proposals and Yes, It's Downright Adorable [Video]

Despite the heated political milieu surrounding gay marriage over the past few years, it would appear that love indeed translates on a universal level. Well, at least according to the adorable little kids in this Huffington Post piece that are asked to react to a same-sex marriage proposal video.

Huffington Post: Kids React to Gay Marriage in New Video From the Fine Brothers

3. Nerdy Progress: Marvel Comics Introduces First Muslim Girl Superhero

Kamala Khan is not like any other girl living in New Jersey: she's got a set of super powers that include the ability to shape shift, calls herself Ms. Marvel, and fights crime. Oh yeah, she's also Muslim and is from Pakistan. Meet Marvel's newest superheroes, Ms. Marvel, an ongoing effort to diversify its portfolio of comic book heroes.

NY Times: Mighty, Muslim Leaping Off the Page

4. Illinois Becomes Next Big State in the Heartland to Approve Same-Sex Marriage

Illinois has just become the 15th state and one of the biggest in middle America to make concerted efforts towards supporting same-sex marriage. According to a statement released by Governor Pat Quinn on Tuesday, he will be signing in a bill into law creating an enormous precedent for states in the heartland.

Washington Post: Illinois lawmakers vote to allow same-sex marriage, governor pledges to sign bill

5. 11 Places in the U.S. That Are Trying to Secede From their State 

It looks like secession is a type of popular fad that isn't contained to just the 1860's: 11 various counties in parts of the country have had interesting secession plots over the past few years to break off from their state to start a new one and to no one's surprise, none of them have worked.

Washington Post: 11 Place Besides "North Colorado" Where Activists Want to Secede From Their State