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The Morning Banter: Daylight Savings is Killing Us, More Potential Habitable Planets Discovered, and People Still Don't Care About BlackBerry

Apparently daylight savings is killing us, more potentially habitable planets have been discovered, and people still don't care about BlackBerrys. Welcome to the Morning Banter!
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Even though it's only Tuesday and it feels like the weekend is an impossible distance away, trust me when I say... yeah, you're probably right. With that said, you can always distract yourself with some entertaining news to take the edge off of the terrifying reality of your work week.


1. Daylight Savings, And Why It's Killing Us All 

With the end of Daylight Savings, everybody across the country kicked off their work weeks with an extra hour of sleep, work, and that weird feeling that we're losing more daylight hours (all of which are kind of true). Even though some people love having that extra hour, most people don't know the potential dangers of toying around with our clocks. Thankfully the Discovery Channel does a great job of explaining why something as innocuous as changing the time can hurt us.

Discovery Channel: Dangers of Daylight Savings Time

2. Turns Out The Universe Has a Ton of Potential Real Estate for Humans After All

It turns out that the known universe has an abundant of Earth-like planets that can potentially support human life, according to NASA's Kepler space telescope. It's good to know that our species' penchant for climate change won't directly translate into the end of humans, just opportunities to ruin other planets!

Washington Post: Kepler space telescope finds Earth-size, potentially habitable planets are common

3. Map of Divorce Capitals of the U.S., Surprisingly Las Vegas is Not One of Them

Despite the Hangover-esque shenanigans people get into in the city of sin, Las Vegas was not listed amongst the U.S. cities with the highest rates of divorce. For those curious to know which ones actually made it to the list, you can check out the Huffington Post's convenient map in the link below. (Spoiler Alert: if you're into monogamy, don't move to Florida)

Huffington Post: The Divorce Capitals of the U.S.

4. The White House and Congress Decides No Clemency for Snowden (No Surprises There)

It looks like The White house and various members of intelligence committees in Congress have denied Edward Snowden's request for clemency, a demand he made in the latest plea letter he released this past Friday. While none of us are really shocked by their response (I mean it's the U.S. government, COME ON), it's still fun to watch the Snowden Saga continue to unfold.

America AlJazeera: White House, lawmakers say no clemency for Snowden

5. BlackBerry Has Decided Not to Sell, People Who Use Real Technology Still Don't Care

It turns out that the potential purchase of BlackBerry by Fairfax Financial Holdings has instead been turned into an investment play which will give the failing technology company an infusion of $1 billion in common shares. As for the other 99% of people who use real phones like Androids and iPhones, you probably stopped reading this when you read the words "BlackBerry" and realized we weren't talking about pies.

NY Times: BlackBerry Abandons Effort to Sell Itself; CEO to Step Down