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The Morning Banter: Chris Christie 2016 Speculation, the Human Body Has a New Part, and Goodbye to All US Blockbuster Stores

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Thursday is finally here and instead of sifting through inane "Throw Back Thursday" photos of your friends' selfies from last year, you can treat yourself to some interesting news instead.


1. Chris Christie 2016 Speculation: Let the Frenzy Begin

Chris Christie was reelected this Tuesday as governor of New Jersey and since he's one of the few Republicans that liberals can (somewhat) stomach, the speculation regarding a potential run for presidency in 2016 is reaching a fever pitch. And yes, it's getting to be very annoying.

Bloomberg: Is Gov. Christie Priming for a Presidential Bid?

2. Classic Biden: Vice President Calls to Congratulate Boston's New Mayor, Calls Wrong Guy 

In yet another embarrassing yet heart-warming senior citizen moment, Vice President Joe Biden attempted to dial up Marty Walsh to congratulate him on his victory for the Boston mayoral bid. Unfortunately for Biden, he dialed the wrong Marty Walsh (a former aide to US Senator Edward M. Kennedy apparently) adding yet another adorable gaff to the many of America's favorite VP. Vice President Biden congratulates the wrong Marty Walsh 

3. Surgeons Discover a New Part of the Human Body, Frustrating Exhausted Med Students Everywhere

Two knee surgeons from the University Hospitals Leuven in Belgium have discovered a new part of the human body, specifically a new ligament in the knee called the anterolateral ligament (ALL). This new discovery has only added further paranoia to athletes everywhere, considering they now have yet another ligament that can potentially tear.

ScienceDaily: New Ligament Discovered in the Human Knee

4. Blockbuster Plans on Shutting Down All of Their Stores in the US, Effectively Making Anybody Who's Lived in the 90's Feel Really Old and Nostalgic 

Bob Dylan once wrote that the 'times are a changin', and he wasn't kidding: Blockbuster (owned by the Dish Network) has just announced it would be closing the remaining 300 stores they have operating in the United States. As bittersweet as it is, it's definitely indicative of Netflix and Hulu's growing influence on the video industry.

Bloomberg: Blockbuster Video-Rental Chain Will Shut All U.S. Stores

5. New Map Shows Where People Are Moving to (and Moving Away From) In America. Long Story Short: Las Vegas Good, Large Swathes of Middle America Bad

The University of Wisconsin-Madison created a pretty nifty map showing net migration of people in the United States and it's quite interesting to look at. Mainly because the massive population of Baby Boomers and their retirement plans are more than self-evident (Florida's population is blowing up)

Gizmodo: A Map of Where Americans Are Moving