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The Morning Banter: An Iran Deal, Sarah Silverman's iPod, Killing "Foodies," and Porn's Failed Expectations

Good morning, gerbils. It's back to the wheel with you on this oh-so-glorious Monday. Here's some reading material to get you back into the swing of things.
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Good morning, gerbils. It's back to the wheel with you on this oh-so-glorious Monday. Here's some reading material to get you back into the swing of things.

1. Let's Make a Deal

Obviously the big story of the weekend was the historic nuclear deal with Iran that took place in Geneva. Here's how it all went down and here's what you need to know going forward.

NPR: What You Should Know About the Iran Nuclear Deal/11.24.13

2. Youth Gone Mild

This one line says it all: "Needham, a dark-haired, square-jawed young man, dressed in a sensibly checkered button-down shirt and pleated khaki pants..." Pleated khaki pants. This is why I'll never understand conservatives.

The New Republic: A 31-Year-Old Is Tearing Apart the Heritage Foundation/11.24.13

3. Loony Tunes

Hopefully you caught Sarah Silverman's new HBO special over the weekend as it was predictably terrific. Here she is talking about her favorite music.

Spin: Sarah Silverman Spreads Her Love Between Elvis Costello and Miley Cyrus/11.21.13

4. The F-Word

I'm lucky: my girlfriend is an unbelievably talented chef. I'm not saying she's a good cook, as in she can whip up an awesome spaghetti carbonara or something. I'm saying her skills in the kitchen, what she knows about food and ingredients, her palate, the sheer brilliance she displays in coming up with truly creative dishes on a regular basis, all of it puts her head-and-shoulders above most restaurant chefs and certainly anyone I've ever known. It's because of this that we cook in a lot and try to eat out whenever possible; we watch food shows like Bourdain's Parts Unknown, Iron Chef and Esquire's new L.A.-based show Knife Fight; we revel in all things food, as much as we can on a budget. We're about as into good food as any two people can be -- and yet I still don't think we've ever used the word "foodie" in reference to ourselves and our eating habits. It's just, you know, eating.

The Huffington Post: Dropping the F-Bomb: Why "Foodie" Needs to Be Struck From Our Lexicon/11.22.13

5. DIY Death

A wise starship captain once said that how we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life. And while there's something slightly off-putting about a DIY funeral cottage industry that seems to be springing up around the country, when the time comes you do whatever's necessary to get through the trauma of a loved one dying. Although, yeah, the idea that this kind of thing is popular with Boomers -- who as with everything else throughout their lives insist that their deaths be somehow special -- is good for more than a few eye-rolls.

WBUR: DIY Death: Natural, At-Home Funerals And Their Boomer Appeal/11.22.13

6. Your Porn Is Lying To You

Let's take another trip down the productivity-killing Cracked wormhole, shall we?

Cracked: The 5 Parts of Sex Porn Doesn't Prepare You For/11.23.13

Have a nice day, folks.