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The Morning Banter: Andy Kaufman is Alive, The McRib is Back and Putin is Now A 9th Degree Black Belt

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Vladimir Putin

Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin was granted "honorary taekwondo grandmaster status, though he isn't known to practice the sport.  However he does practice Judo regularly. So in case you aren't keeping track, that means Putin can ride a horse (shirtless), catch his dinner (shirtless) and kick your ass (shirtless). (Fun fact: In 2008 Putin starred in an instructional video called "Let's Learn Judo With Vladimir Putin")


Got a cool, crisp $105 Million floating around? Well then you could be the proud new owner of a Warhol painting.  The piece is one of Warhol's most gruesome, with a lifeless body laying amid the wreckage of a car crash.  This price marks the highest amount paid at auction for a work from the infamous Pop artist.


The internet is a-buzz with McRibb cravings, but The Atlantic took a look how this controversial sandwich sets up the rest of the new McDonalds menu.


He isn't the first to fake his own death, but he sure is the most fitting.  New evidence and reports are coming forth (including Kaufman's daughter) saying that the famed comedian, Andy Kaufman is alive and well.


After getting drunk and playing with an Xbox One at their DC launch party last night (it's awesome!), the only thing I want to do is relax and nurse this hangover.  So without further adieu here's one of my favorite songs (coincidentally by my favorite band) telling you to do just that.