beady eye

When the Gallagher brothers finally just said the hell with it and publicly imploded Oasis back in 2009, it brought to an unfortunate but inevitable end one of modern rock's great acts. Yeah, both Liam and Noel were insufferable pricks, but together, along with the rest of the band, they made some pretty terrific music, especially in their early years.

In the aftermath of Oasis, each brother went off and did his own thing -- Noel forming Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, and Liam starting Beady Eye. The former retained a lot of the sound we'd come to expect from Oasis, but the latter seemed determined to tread new ground -- and it was the better for that.

The band's second effort sees it moving even farther away from the unabashed Beatles worship that both made Oasis great and also hamstrung it. The album's been out in the UK for months now, but it finally debuts in America today and this is the first single from it.

Here's Flick of the Finger, performed live at Abbey Road Studios.