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Anonymous Targets Japanese Government Over Dolphin Killings

Over 20,000 dolphins are slaughtered in Japan for meath, and the Japanese government has refused to take meaningful measures to stop it. The hacktivist group 'Anonymous' has decided to throw its might behind the cause, delivering a chilling warning to political leaders in Tokyo.
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According to the Oceanic Preservation Society, from September to May each year, over 20,000 dolphins are slaughtered in Japan. Dolphins are not protected by the International Whaling Commission (IWC), which affords no protections for 71 out of 80, known cetacean species. That is why Japan can legally capture dolphins and sell them into captivity, or slaughter them for meat.

The Oscar-winning documentary The Cove brought attention to the slaughter in 2009 by featuring the Japanese town of Taiji, the site of the regular slaughter of thousands of dolphins. In the documentary, the dolphins are seen being rounded up by fishermen using sound barriers to disorient them, then put through a gruesome death that involves drowning in nets and savage spearing. The highly intelligent, self aware creatures can hear family members being brutalized while they try to escape their own death, creating a horrific scene of emotional and physical violence.

Given the Japanese government won't do anything to stop the slaughter, the hacktivist group 'Anonymous' has decided to throw its might behind the cause, releasing the following warning:

Here is the text of the message Anonymous sent the government (via Pastebin):

Anonymous Operation Killing Bay #OpKillingBay Press Release

Greetings, citizens of the world. This is a message from the Anonymous Collective.

We have been receiving disturbing reports of dolphin slaughter in the village of Taiji in Japan. Innocent and fun loving dolphins are being lured into traps laid out by the Taiji butchers, and are ultimately either captured and transported to marine parks worldwide, or are killed, and their flesh is sold as whale meat by companies such as Yahoo, despite several health concerns.

The ultimate purpose of this message: Government of Japan, we have been watching you and your sick actions from a very long time. Despite several pleas from the international community, you have not stopped butchering these mammals, for your personal gains. You are putting your people's lives at risk by allowing them to consume whale meat. Not only that, you have brought great shame upon Japan by performing these acts.

This is our final warning, STOP these slaughters IMMEDIATELY, or get ready to face the extent of our wrath.

To the activists at Taiji, know that Anonymous stands with you in your every step. Keep documenting these violations, something which the main stream media will never bother to do. As for the Japanese Government, you have been warned.

We Are Anonymous.

We Are Legion.

We Do Not Forgive.

We Never Forget.

#OpKillingBay initiated.

#OpJapan revived.

Expect Us.

According to Softepedia, "The hackers say they’ve already launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack against Wakayama is the prefecture in which the town of Taiji is located."