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Kanye West Is Both Insane and a Genius. And We Have the Chart to Prove It

In just a half hour, Mr. West managed to fluctuate so erratically between intellectual and insane that we decided to make a graph charting the genius and insanity of his comments throughout the interview.
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Kanye West.

The name is one of the most polarizing in America. Even those that love him one day can turn around and hate him the next.

So is he really a genius? Is he going insane? Is he actually as big an asshole as he comes across as? And what the hell was that “Bound 2” video?

His most recent viral public appearance, a 30-minute interview with hip-hop icon Sway, did little to answer any of those questions definitively. In just a half hour, Mr. West managed to fluctuate so erratically between intellectual and insane that we at The Daily Banter decided to make a graph charting the genius and insanity of his comments throughout the interview. Some of his best Kanye-isms are marked on the graph, with the corresponding quote found on the legend below. The results, like Ye himself, are a mixed bag.

Enjoy, and make sure to watch his freestyle near the end of the video. It’s one for the ages…

For those trying to follow that simultaneous outpouring genius and insanity at home, here's our handy dandy chart mapping it all out. You'll notice he starts off saying some pretty intelligent things, but once he refers to himself as "Shakespeare in the flesh," it gets a little rocky...

KanyeGraph (1)

1. “It’s like if you ever saw Semi Pro and like how Will Ferrell was trying to start a new league. Donda is like the NBA of Creativity” 

2. “I’m the next Ralph to say the least. People are combinations of what they were in the past, so that means of course I’m a combination of Martin and Malcom, but I’m also a combination of Lenny and Michael, but I’m also a combination of Disney… In the future, people will be absorbing all of what was.” 

3. "Think about what the iPhone is currently like. You would need to have 30 different things in your house to do what an iPhone does in one, so the idea of people saying that Kanye West should only do music is ridiculous. People told me I shouldn’t do music in art school.” 

4. “If you guys that are investing in the arts, ya’ll want to invest in this school in Brazil, you want to go to Africa, I’m standing up and telling you I am Warhol! I am the number one most impactful artist of our generation. I am Shakespeare in the flesh. Walt Disney! Nike! Google! Now who’s going to be the Medici family and let me create more? Or do you want to marginalize me ’til I’m out of my moment?"


6. “When you trying to keep up with the list and write all these raps and trying to learn about clothing…You got a whole hood calling you a fag for even liking clothes or being at like the runway shows like you can’t be a masculine person like Ralph Lauren and still love the beauty and texture of clothing as an artist and still love a fat ass at the same time. Then you got America, the President constantly attacking you; then you got people overcharging you at all times; then you got your constant public perception being brought down; AEG telling you when you gonna tour and when you can’t tour; everybody got an opinion towards you; you got shoes like the Nikes selling at $80,000 and the head won’t even get on the phone with you; you got a meeting where every single door gets closed on you like the Will Smith movie with his son. It’s like that; it’s like that for me. For me! Because I’m in that Michael Jackson position where he couldn’t get his music video played on MTV because he was considered to be urban.

7. “I’m gonna be the first straight hip-hop, loud, celebrity, non-etiquette-having, blackout-all-the-time, fresh ass, super tasteful designer of all time. I’m gonna be the Tupac of clothing.

8. “I can make shit rhyme…I can make shit rhyme if I’m…Feel like…Even if I don’t…So I just…Might not…Cause I…Don’t want…And I’m just gonna…Freestyle…For the first time…With a…Freestyle…That don’t even go together…No rhymes, that my new shit….Nothing rhyming…How that sound?