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The Morning Banter: The Shut Down Continues (But We've Got You Covered)


We start off on a sad note today because this government shut down is on Day 2 with no end in sight.  It's important that the changes and effects of our closed government rise above all the other noise so our Congress and President are finally forced to act together instead of against one another.  (But don't worry, I found a solution to the lack of Panda Cam too).


Approximately 200 patients, 30 or so of them children, have been turned away from the NIH Clinical Center due to worker furloughs reports The Atlantic.  No matter how beautiful the weather is on these forced days off, no one should be denied health care.  (Oh hey, isn't that ironic.)


An interesting, in depth view of how gerrymandering has given away to the "GOP Suicide Caucus" who's largely responsible for the state of stalemate our government is in.


"Only the truly naive can be truly surprised" is the opening line to this brilliant Esquire article that details and at points shames all of us into admitting, we definitely bungled the 2010 election.  The articles goes on with strong language, like... "We did this. We looked at our great legacy of self-government and we handed ourselves over to the reign of morons" and for that I highly recommend it be read.


Alright, now on to the fun stuff.  For all your furloughed workers (or even the likes of you who are pretending to be furloughed in your daydreams), Vulture has pulled together a list of all the newly available Netflix Instant releases.  My suggestion? Forrest Gump is your first viewing (it's kind of fitting after all).  And take my word for it, Room 237, no matter how big of a Kubrick or The Shining fan you are, is absolutely not worth your time.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 8.53.09 AM

In case you're ever curious (especially right now since their lives are being impacted by our shuttered government) here's an easy way to find out how many people are in space right now.


The National Zoo's Panda Cam may be down, but we've got you covered.  Just watch this adorable video of a Red Panda freaking out over a pumpkin on repeat. It'll certainly fill the void. Oh and did I forget to mention it's doing so in the SNOW?!