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The Morning Banter: Obama on Obamacare, Snowden Strikes Again, and iPhone's Goldmember

It's Monday, gerbils, which means it's back to the wheel with you. Here's what you need to know -- or might at least want to know -- going into the new week.
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It's Monday, gerbils, which means it's back to the wheel with you. Here's what you need to know -- or might at least want to know -- going into the new week.


1. Site Survey

This morning in the White House Rose Garden, President Obama will hold a press conference where he'll talk about technical issues with the Affordable Care Act website. You know, the technical issues that have apparently been such a problem that, according to Republicans, the entire law needs to be scrapped immediately. The newser should be interesting. The response to it from conservative media will be epic.

The Hill" Obama To Address Health Site Problems/10.20.13

2. Spy Lame

You're never going to believe this, but the latest round of stolen documents released by Edward Snowden's enablers proves that the NSA did exactly what it exists to do. I'm sure there are some who will be shocked that our intelligence quietly hacked into the private e-mail of the Mexican president, but those people are shockingly naïve.

Gawker: The NSA Hacked the Email of the President of Mexico/10.20.13

3. Leaving the Fifth

I'll let you draw your own conclusions as to what this means -- whether it's people just not caring about the subject matter, the lack of interest in having the story told as a fictionalized drama, or something in between -- but The Fifth Estate tanked at the box office over the weekend. How badly? Badly. Guess Julian Assange was wrong and he and Benedict Cumberbatch won't "forever be correlated in the public imagination." I guarantee you that secretly Assange is butt-hurt nobody wanted to see a movie about him.

Uproxx: "The Fifth Estate" Is the Biggest Bomb of the Year/10.20.13

4. Slop-Ed

Fresh off one of the single most entertaining interviews she's ever given to any news outlet, in that it was completely indecipherable to the point where even Megyn Kelly looked confused, Sarah Palin is back to rant against the Washington establishment and keep her name in the press as 2014 approaches. If you can figure out how to make this woman go away once and for all, I'm open to just about anything at this point.

The Huffington Post: Sarah Palin Slams D.C.'s 'Corrupt Bastards Club'/10.20.13

5. Fighting Words

In October of 2011, the New York Times op-ed page published one of the most profoundly moving and searingly heartbreaking essays I've ever read. It was written by a woman named Emily Rapp, who at the time was slowly watching her young son die of Tay-Sachs disease, and to say that it left me in tears, an utterly devastated mess, would be an almost farcical understatement. It was, quite simply, an extraordinary piece of writing -- one I doubt I'll soon forget -- that related with quiet dignity a suffering most parents couldn't even imagine nor would they want to. Emily Rapp's child, Ronan, died earlier this year, and now Emily is speaking out publicly about the attempt by the Christian Right to co-opt the memory of her son for its own needs. It's required reading.

Salon: My Son Is Not the Poster Child for the Right To Life Movement/10.20.13

6. Goldmember

If you missed the first big TV push by Apple for the new gold iPhone, well, take a look.

The Verge: Selling Gold: Apple Debuts Its First iPhone 5S TV Spot/10.20.13

Happy Monday, folks.