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The Morning Banter: No More Dollar Menu, Blank Pages in the Times, Ja Rule Writes A Cookbook

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Happy Thursday!  Here's some worthy news bites to peruse while keeping your eye on the first congressional hearing into the roll out goes on in Washington.

ja rule585

Who says jail doesn't do a person good? Ja Rule (yeah, this Ja Rule)  is writing a microwave cookbook after having spent two years in prison, learning to cook his own meals with one.  There better be some Ruff Ryders Ramen on that menu!


A new venomous crustacean has been found by researchers from the Natural History Museum in London.  No longer than your pinky but extremely lethal, Speleonectes tulumensis uses its venom to turn its prey of shrimp and small fish into soup.  God I love science.


If you were flipping through the New York Times this morning and wondering why there were two blank whole pages? Well, the mystery has been solved!  It's an advertisement for The Book Thief, a movie set to hit theaters in November.


Eat all the Mickey D's you can now, because soon enough prices are going to increase thanks to climate change.  The "Dollar Menu" has already gone under changes in recent time and will be expanded to include items up to $2 or less.

Brett Favre

Despite the desperate pleas of the Rams, Bret Farve is not returning to the NFL.  I guess we can't call this a comeback.


As for your daily dose of tunes from me, the Washington International Horse Show is afoot and I'll be there tonight cheering on some friends.  So this one goes out to my fellow riders!