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The Morning Banter: Kimye Gets Engaged, GW University Lies (Again), Civilian Drone Strike Deaths + More

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It's Tuesday! Let's do this.  Here's everything everyone else is talking about:

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My Alma Mater sure does like to see its name in the paper, the problem is it is always for some sort of scandal (ahem, see here).  This time George Washington University coughs up the truth on how they are not 100% need-blind with their admissions process.  Of course they aren't... they're one of the most expensive schools in the country.  And just like any business, they want money.  Boo on you, GW.  If only I could boycott paying my student loans to send my disdain to the heart of the school's administration... why can't that be a form of civil disobedience?!

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Chez touched upon it yesterday, but do yourself a favor and have yourself a good cry to Elliott Smith today.  Either before or after you read this excellent Pitchfork piece (definitely a must-read).


Despite the Obama administration's frequent reassurance that drone strikes are increasingly accurate and without mistakes, a new report is about to surface offering contrary evidence.  Looks like Lucy's got some 'splaining to do....


Kanye & Kim Kardashian are engaged.  I'm just gonna let you guys snark it out in the comments about this.


Now do yourself a favor and watch the Arcade Fire perform on the Colbert Report.  It'll make you feel just a teensy bit better. I promise.