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The Morning Banter: Hot Coffee! Hot Sauce! Hot Tweets! Hot-Headed Dick Cheney + More

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Welcome to Wednesday, where we all collectively groan with anticipation for tonight's episode of American Horror Story: Coven.  To get you prepped for the steamy goodness, I've collected a few of the hotter stories on the internet today.  Take a look.


As a kid, one of the most fascinating news stories I heard was when an old woman spilled McDonald's coffee on her lap, sued and won a $2.9 million dollar settlement.  The news ate the story up and it became a punchline for late night talk shows and even Seinfeld.  The problem?  The story the media report was widely inaccurate.  It's nice to see the facts come to light, even if it is several years later.


In case you're gearing up for a round of Jeopardy, here's a handy map to let you know what each country is best at.  Looks like Ireland for the win!


The identity of the notorious twitter handle @NatSecWonk has been found out!  The parody account-turned-snark-machine has been a thorn in the side of the White House for some time.  The account has been removed and owner, Jofi Joseph has been fired from his post as a director on non-proliferation under National Security Staff at the White House.


Fearing a "Homeland" like demise, Dick Cheney had his pacemaker partially deactivated to keep it secure from wireless hacking.  The idea of Dick Cheney trying to explain to his doctor the plot of Homeland and how it compares to him pretty much offers up the best laugh of the day.


Here's a fascinating read on how Sriracha became the world's coolest hot sauce company.  Definitely not a a shabby position to be in since the hot sauce industry, which is among the 10 fastest growing in the US, now rakes in over $1 billion a year in global sales.  Rock on for the unconventional.


There's no more "left brain" "right brain" according to Scientists at the California Institute of Technology, rather we're "top brained" or "bottom brained."


Finally, DarkSide, the side project of producer Nicolas Jaar and guitarist Dave Harringonton, has just announced tourdates!  Listen to the first eleven minutes of their new album Psychic (out now!) and go pick up tickets.