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The Morning Banter: Halloween Tricks, Treats, Haunts & Howls Edition

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Happy Halloween, Banter readers!  Here's all the tricks, treats, haunts and howls to get you through the day.  Go on and tell us, if the Halloween spirit is alive and well, what you're dressing up as today in the comments section too!


Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 8.05.34 AM

In last Wednesday's Morning Banter, I posted a cool profile on Sriracha hot sauce, that outlined the company's unique platform and noble inner workings.  However all of that good will could become pricier now that a Hung Fong Foods production facility in Southern California has been suspended from work.  Local residents have been complaining of and experiencing eye irritation, and throat burning from the noxious odors. Bummer.


Why say goodbye when you can ghost? Save those social graces for when they might actually be remembered.


Indentured servitude is the new black, or rather the new way of life in America.  Speaking of, anyone want to make $10 an write next week's Morning Banter? I kid.


Colder temperatures and hibernation season are almost upon us, so let David Bowie guide through his top 100 Must-Read books.  As if I needed another reason to never come out from underneath this alpaca throw. (You can also watch Bowie's new video for that killer LCD Soundsystem remix of "Love Is Lost" which just landed in my inbox just a second ago here)


Looks like there's not an eruption, but rather an earthquake on the horizon for Yellowstone National Park which now plays host to a resevoir of molten rock underneath the surface that is two and a half times larger than previously estimated.

The Kills for Equipment #2

Finally, here's your halloween howl via youtube, The Kills covering the great Screamin' Jayhawks classic "I Put A Spell On You."  Mosshart's vocals get especially haunting, like she's been messing around in too much Louisiana voodoo toward the middle.

Ps. Top photo by Hedi Slimane.  Check out his work, he's one of the best.